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WalletPA is the brand new App that allows you to monitor your monthly bills by tracking your actual spend and giving you the best options to ensure you are not paying more than you should be.

What you’ll get:

  • Save more, faster
  • Access to the technology before anyone else
  • Ensure you are paying less for your household bills

WalletPA iPhone App


We started WalletPA with a very clear mission, to take the work out of managing your bills.

Opportunity for Smart Aggregation

  • Automated Standing Order and Direct Debit monitoring to track actual spending on Policies and Services.
  • Accurate policy and contract comparison.
  • Renewal or switch options, all within a single App.

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How it works

Lets bring an end to manual Energy and Insurance renewals, surely there's a better way?

Identify Contracts

WalletPA iPhone App

Monitor Spend

WalletPA iPhone App

Switch/Negotiated Renewal

WalletPA iPhone App

WalletPA Process


We automate the process of negotiating a renewal at the best price whilst providing you with switch comparisons.


We use real usage data and payment monitoring via secure Open Banking API's to ensure that you’re on the right deal for your needs.

Enter once or request

No need to enter personal and contract details multiple times, plus you can get us to do the hard work for you and request your data from your current supplier.

Don't Overpay

We check billing and usage on an ongoing basis so you don’t have to.

The Facts

4.8M Energy Supplier Switches in 2016
£200 Average Saving
£1.6BN Consumers could save
Too Much Time spent entering details and haggling with your current provider